Specialty Capital Group, Inc. assists banks and lenders by financing all or a part of the loan that the bank cannot. We 10797463656_b4777deae6have the flexibility and creativity to help other institutions in funding loans. There are many quality loan requests that may not fit your loan portfolio. 

As a bank you may have loan requests for a goodwill based business that has minimal hard assets or collateral. 

Example: A dentist may request $900,000 to buy a practice or to refinance their current practice debt. The asset and collateral value is approximately $200,000. This type of loan usually does not fit a bank portfolio. By using lending based on the cash flow, we view the value of the goodwill as the collateral, versus using the hard assets as collateral. 

How does this help a bank? The above example is your banking client and you are unable to approve the loan. This client has their personal loans, trust and investment accounts with your bank. From a relationship position, how can you best assist your client? Rather than simply declining their loan request, could you protect and enhance this relationship by assisting them in completing the loan request?

This is where we help banks. By calling us for a brief discussion, we can share with you how we might help your client to complete their request. You can then share with your client that you have a relationship with a firm that helps the bank with this type of transaction. You have now helped your client and strengthened your banking relationship. Please note that we do not seek or have the ability to provide the banking products as you currently provide to your client. Therefore we would never interrupt your current banking relationship with your client. 

There is no time or activity required by the bank for this service. The objective is to handle this for you so you can move to your next transaction or client.

Also, this service can be a profit center for your bank. Please contact us for details on our Profit Sharing Program.