Leasing Program Information – For Banks and Borrowers

We provide creative lease solutions to meet your requirements.  This includes financing your complete project costs
beyond the Equipment. We can include Software, Services and Fees into our financing.

We fund multiple takedowns for project financing.  This enables you to conserve cash and have a convenient working capital line via our “Lease Line” program.

We offer a wide variety of leasing solutions to accommodate your balance sheet management strategy.  These include FMV Operating Lease, $1 OUT to Own at the End, Stepped Payments. This enables you to better match costs to revenue.

  • Provide the origination bank with the opportunity to fund the debt portion of the lease as a non recourse loan tothe lessee.  This is an option for the origination bank not a requirement as we have a $400mm dollar debt pool for funding leases on all types of assets.
  • Provide asset valuation and management services for large bank clients and other major financial services companies.
  • Unique in that we have the equipment traders and back room leasing operation in one company. We provide all leasing and asset management operations including documentation services.
  • Provide asset acquisition advisory services in advance of the equipment acquisition. This service facilitates the most overall cost effective transaction for all parties involved.



Logistics & Material Handling Company – $2.5MM FMV Operating Lease for AGV Equipment, Software and Services:

  • Our lease structure enabled the company to obtain new equipment in the middle of a budget year.   Due to the rapid growth of Logistics needs they had not budgeted for the equipment in this fiscal year.  We provided a funding solution within 1 week which allowed them to order equipment immediately.  We provided the down payment to the Equipment Manufacturer on behalf of the client and paid all progress payments including the equipment cost for the project.  Client has no costs or payments until 1-1- 2017.
  • We were able to finance the entire Project which included Equipment, Software and Services.  The banks they tried were unable to do this because of the soft costs.
  • Enabled the borrower to obtain the new equipment 2 years earlier than their budgeted forecast.
  • The efficiency of the new equipment reduced their production cost by 27% and increased processing throughput by 296%.
  • Due to the Operating Lease structure, borrower was able to expense all costs for the project.


Manufacturing Company – $1.6MM Lease to own $1 OUT for Various Manufacturing Equipment

  • The bank would not increase the company’s LOC (Line of Credit) to replace a machine. The functionality and efficiency of the new machine would immediately increase revenue and profit.
  • The cost of the current service plan for their machine plus the current machine payment was $8,274 higher than our lease payment for the new equipment.
  • Our lease protected the company from making a Cash Purchase along with providing them with new equipment that costs less than their current inefficient equipment.
  • Our lease provided 100% financing of the equipment in addition to financing Soft Costs for installation, training and software. Client did not have to pay anything until their first lease payment once the equipment was up and running.


Healthcare System & Hospital – $3.8MM  FMV Lease for Surgical Robot

  • Hospital was going through difficult financial times.  Banks would not fund the acquisition.  Through our partnership with the Medical Equipment Manufacturer, we were asked to fund the transaction.
  • Our lease allowed the Hospital to open a new Surgical Center. This brought in net additional patients and more reimbursements.
  • We provided a 5 year monthly Operating Lease with special covenants tied to the hospital’s reimbursement schedules.
  • The cost savings from their Service Plan paid for 31% of the cost of the new Surgical Robot.
  • Our lease provided full funding with No Down Payments.  We also gave the hospital a “Rent Start” of 1-1- 17 to allow them to include their “first spend” into the 2017 Budget. This was effectively Delayed Payments.


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