Since 1997 we have provided 100% Financing of the Building Acquisition and Purchase, as well as Construction and Refinance. We Refinance many real estate loans to reduce the rate and payment to increase your cash flow.

Often Provide 100% Financing for Buildings: For Acquisitions and Construction, we can preserve your cash by financing 100% of the cost. We finance the Down Payment just as we would the rest of the building. In most situations you incur minimal, if any, cash out of pocket for these transactions. This requires utilizing the dental/medical practice along with the building.

True Fixed Rate Loan: Our solution is often a true Fixed Rate Loan with No Reprices (no increases) throughout the 20 year – 25 year term.

No Balloon Payment: This standard solution would not require a Balloon Payment. A Balloon Payment requires you to pay the loan balance or to refinance the loan with a different bank after 3 or 5 years. Our main solution avoids this and does not utilize a balloon payment.

Current rate for a True Fixed Rate loan for a 20 year to 25 year term is approximately 5%. It could be lower or higher. The rate does not increase during the 20 – 25 year term/length of the loan. This rate depends on several factors such as borrower credit and financial strength, strength of the practice (business) and location to name a few.

General Commercial Real Estate Financing: Depending on the factors as listed above, we provide similar but not exact programs to those described for Dental and Medical. Please contact us so we can learn the details of your situation.

Please contact Charlie Haboush of Specialty Capital Group for further information.
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