To Doctors:
  • Do you want more Cash in your Savings and Checking Account?
  • Is your Retirement Funded? Is your Child’s College Tuition Funded?
  • Every Dollar you Save Today in your 401K Grows Exponentially over time!

We help our clients achieve these objectives by Refinancing Existing Debt to Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Monthly Payment.

Compare your current Monthly Payment to this table. Can we Increase Your Cash Flow and Increase Your Cash? We include Practice Debt, Credit Cards, Equipment and Cash-Out (limited).

NOTES: Payments based on rates of 3.4% to 7% and includes Loan Fee. Rates/Payments will vary depending on borrower and location. REAL ESTATE pricing provides Fixed Rates from 5 – 25 years.

We provide the following with a Conventional (Non-SBA) Loan:

  • Refinance and Consolidation of Loans and Leases to our Fixed rate loans.
  • Eliminate the SBA Loan Lien (2nd Mortgage) on your home if you currently have an SBA loan.
  • 100% financing of the Practice Purchase price to preserve your personal capital.
  • 100% financing of the Building or Construction price via a practice loan saves your cash.
  • We are not limited to a single loan type or solution.

Notes: Information is as of this printing. Rates and programs can change at any time. Program is not for problem credit, problem situations or significant declining revenue. We have provided Practice, Equipment and Real Estate loans directly through our bank portfolio for over 17 years. LOAN SIZE IS UNLIMITED.