We are a firm that obtains financing and capital for our clients. Our clients are individual borrowers, companies and wp86cf62af_05-1corporations, as well as banks and other lenders. We provide lending and capital to a variety of markets. Many of these markets are often referred to as “specialty“ markets due to their inability to fit a typical bank lending portfolio. This focus and process created the name of our firm, Specialty Capital Group, Inc.

An example of this is our ability to finance businesses whose value is based on their cash flow versus their hard assets or collateral value, such as Healthcare Practices which we have financed since 1997. 

Our funding partners are banks, private commercial lenders and individual investors, to name a few. Our intent is to know where to place the loan before we accept a client’s loan request. Time is a valuable commodity, this intent insures that we protect it for everyone involved. 

Our philosophy and method is of simplicity, efficiency and predictability. We are straight forward in our communication and process. If we cannot help you or a client, we will quickly inform you. Specific types of transactions are as follows.  Please note that this list continually increases as we receive new opportunities or requests. 

Types of Transactions:

  • Business Acquisitions:  Ranges from manufacturing where assets are being purchased to service markets such as dental and veterinary practices where there are minimal hard assets for collateral. We finance many acquisitions where the cash flow (goodwill) is the asset that is being purchased. The objective is to finance 100% of the purchase price in many business acquisitions.
  • Refinance of Business Debt:  This is utilized to improve cash flow, use the equity to pay other items or to refinance seller notes, among other reasons.
  • Commercial Real Estate:  Transactions include the $1mm office building or manufacturing building to the $50mm office building.
  • Refinance of Commercial Real Estate:  This is utilized to improve cash flow, use the equity to pay other items or to refinance seller notes, among other reasons.  
  • Equipment Loans and Leases for 10 – 20 years with Practice – Business Loan.
  • Loan Participations with Banks:  We assist banks and lenders by refinancing select loans for their borrower. This enables banks to complete the loan for their borrowers. Example, the borrower needs greater cash flow to buy a larger building. We refinance the business debt to increase cash flow so the bank can fund the building loan.
  • Other Situations:  If you have a situation not listed here, feel free to call to discuss.

Just as important as our type of loan is our type of process and communication. It is this combination that enables us to help in many financing situations. If you would like to know more about how we might help you as a borrower or as a lender, feel free to contact us.